February 4, 2018

Can you believe February is here?!  We have been enjoying our down time after the holidays, and we are starting to get back in to the hustle and bustle of spring preparations!  The month of January was definitely a combination of both rest and work.  Our store is closed, however we have been busy completing all of our orders, quotes, workshops, and meetings.  We are re-energized and ready to tackle our next few projects before we start up the greenhouses!

During our down time at home, we have been sharing some of our houseplant collections with you via our Instagram stories (if you aren’t following us on Instagram yet, check us out @marlinorchards!).  Your feedback and interest in our houseplants was so inspiring, so we thought we’d share with you our top 5 houseplant picks!  These 5 houseplant picks were chosen based on maintenance level, practicality, aesthetics, and sentimental value.  Enjoy our selections!

Spider Plant
Requirements: Bright or indirect light

Growing up, we always had a spider plant in our house.  They are bright, cheerful, and easy to grow.  Any house has a spot for one, and they are so tough!  One interesting fact about spider plants is that they are a natural air purifier.  Now if that doesn’t make you want to stick one in every room in your house, I don’t know what will!

Requirements: Bright direct light

Who doesn’t love succulents?!  These waxy plants come in all shapes and sizes, and are all relatively easy to keep.  My personal favourite are Lithops aka “living rocks”, just because they are so interesting.  Yep, they look just like a rocks and pebbles!  Succulents are also very on-trend right now, so the plants are easy to find and there is a lot of Pinterest inspiration to help integrate them into your home.

Aloe Vera Plant
Requirements: Bright direct light

While technically a succulent, I put the Aloe Vera plant in its own category because I felt it needed to be recognized.  You never really fully appreciate an aloe plant until you get a sunburn!  I love that I can break off a leaf and use the soothing gel to cool my skin.  I also love the look of this plant because the bright green spiky foliage will brighten up any space!

Zamioculcas Zamifolia (ZZ Plant)
Requirements: Low light

Two words: low maintenance!  If you have a busy schedule and a space with very little natural light, then this houseplant is for you.  I have a few of these in my home, and I water them only a few times per year.  Yes, you read that right!  I water them maybe 4-5 times.  This is one of those plants that will grow best if you ignore it.  You can count on it to be lush, green, and full of life 12 months of the year.  I can’t recommend this plant enough!

Hoya Plant
Requirements: Indirect light

This plant is definitely not a high trend plant at the moment, but I think you will see them making a comeback soon!  If anyone grew up with a vine growing on top of a cupboard in their house, odds are it was a Hoya plant.  This pick has major sentimental value to us.  The Hoya plant that my grandmother, mom, sister and I all have comes from a plant that belonged to my great Aunt.  It was a gift on her wedding day, and now we all have a piece of that plant growing in our homes.  How special is that?  This plant is also impossible to kill.  They just continue to hang around, lush green leaves and all, with very little needed care!  This plant has major vintage, eclectic and bohemian vibes… it is sure to suit all home styles!

Happy Houseplanting!

We hope you enjoyed our top 5 houseplant picks!  The winter months can be cold and dull… sometimes all it takes is a new plant to brighten things up!

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