November 22, 2017

Making an Arrangement with Greens

If you haven’t had a chance to attend one of our seminars or workshops on Christmas arrangements, we thought we would show you right here on our website! This will be a brief overview of how to put together an outdoor arrangement using fresh cut greens!

It can be overwhelming to choose your greens for arrangements – but we can help! You will soon find out that this DIY project will be so much fun! This is a simple arrangement using only 4 types of greens and some accessories! We used pine, Ontario cedar, boxwood and BC cedar, as well as some artificial berries and pinecones!

First, start with your container. You can make your arrangement right in your flowerpot, or you can create an insert, like we did here. Make sure you have some nice, moist soil!

The green we started with was pine. This makes a great base for your arrangement. The pine sets the overall height and width of the arrangement, and gives a great starting point to build on.

Next we added the Ontario cedar. We cut these pieces and added them throughout the arrangement. This gives great dimension and colour contrast against the pine.

After this, we added the boxwood. You don’t need a lot, just enough to fill in gaps and spaces within the arrangement, and its dark glossy leaves add so much interest!

Finally, we integrated the BC cedar. This green is so light and feathery, and will wisp through your arrangement beautifully! You really cannot skip using BC cedar! We put a few pieces throughout, and we focused it as a skirt around the arrangement. You’ll notice it also makes a great disguise to cover the pot that was inserted into this old tree stump!

Once you are happy with your greenery, you can add the final touches! In this arrangement we added these giant frosted pinecones and some weatherproof berries. You can go all out with this and add birch poles, curly willow, dogwood, hydrangea branches, Christmas ornaments, and more!

Creating these arrangements can be intimidating to start – however once you begin, you will see how fun they are to make and how nicely they come together.

We hope you are inspired to get some fresh cut greens and start creating!

Want our help?

If you need some guidance, stop by and we can help you!  Or, if you want to attend one of our workshops to create some Christmas decor, you can click here to register for our Sleigh Workshop!

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