Dig a hole deeper and wider than the container of your tree or shrub. Next, add triple mix soil to the hole. Triple mix is a combination of topsoil, compost and peat moss. The perfect combination for ideal growing!

Add bone meal to the bottom of the hole, and mix it into the soil. If you are using water dissolving transplanting fertilizer (such as 10-52-10 fertilizer), skip the bone meal, as you will fertilize after planting.

If your plant came in a plastic container, remove the container from the plant. If your plant came in a fibre pot, take a knife, remove the bottom of the pot and cut a few slits around the pot because this container will break down over time once planted.

Place the root ball of the plant into the hole, being careful to keep it intact, and begin to backfill with more triple mix soil. Make sure that the tree or shrub is planted at the same original soil level – do not bury it deeper, or more shallow.

You’re almost done! Time to water. This part is very important and the key to developing a strong root system. Bring out your water hose and place it at the base of your plant on a slow, steady stream. Allow the water to soak your plant slowly to ensure a good, deep watering. Continue to water with this method one time every 5-7 days, throughout the first season. A deep watering is much more beneficial than a small amount of water given daily. Remember, no sprinkler! There is no need to get any of the leaves wet. When watering, take into account the time of the year, the humidity level and any rainfall to determine exactly when to water.

If you are planting a tree, now is be the time to add a layer of mulch, a tree guard, and stake the tree if necessary.

Not sure what to do? Call us or stop by and we can help! Every plant is a bit different, so let us guide you to help you create optimal growing conditions for your specific tree or shrub.